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Reverse Textbook Money Method For Finding High Priced Buybacks

Reverse TBM is the method I am currently using to find books with high buyback prices.

I am using Jon Shugart and Lambo Luke’s Book Arbitrage software and Textbook Money Chrome Browser Extension.

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Textbook Money Book Arbitrage Update

While I still do endorse this training program, I am unable to make this work at the moment.

I was playing a dangerous game utilizing the little bits of credit I had left on my credit cards.

What made me have to cancel this subscription was the day I found myself with 14 teachers edition books.

I ordered 11 books from Textbook Recycling on three different platforms, and they all showed up pretty much the same week along with three other books from other vendors who also sent me instructors edition books.

I now had about 50% of my tiny budget tied up in returns which took easily four weeks (maybe even longer) to get settled up.

I now have no room on my credit cards for buying books and keeping the bills paid.

So, The Dirty Affiliate switched to sourcing locally to find product which he can flip on eBay.

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