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Window Blocker Personal Productivity Task Management App Review

Today we are taking a look at Clever Gizmos Window Blocker. It’s one of those programs that obstruct your pc from performing other actions. It is designed to help give you a leg up on extemporaneous inattentiveness and actual determination. I’ll give you a short account of what that signifies and why it matters before proceeding with the review.

Impulse Blocking Desktop Application

Implementing a barrier is useful for managing impulse control. Everyone is presented with unexpected stimuli while they are trying to get work accomplished. Not only that but, we all have sudden nearly uncontrollable urges to stop doing what we are doing and do something else.


That brings us back around to my Review of Anthony Raymond’s Window Blocker Productivity and Task Management Tool.

Personal Computer Program and Website Blocking Software

The notion of a Window Blocker is far from unique. Simply put it’s an application designed to help you focus on only one task at a time. It typically works by limiting functions that would permit you to shut down the application for a pre-set interval of time, or they manage pre-set lists of programs and prevent them from opening if the user tries to do so.

Clever Gizmos Window Blocker is the second model.

The Set of Software Tools Delivered in Window Blocker

An intrusion barrier is only as useful as its attributes.

Based on the features, Window Blocker is the device to use. If you are an individual, who utilizes a personal computer for work this program has core features are that are very beneficial for time conservation and personal productivity management.

It has the fundamental features you would expect, such as a productivity timer and the capability to control programs and websites from opening up all built into the root of a single program.

What about the exceptional characteristics?

Window Blocker has a file manager! Yep, that’s right, a file manager! I can open one program and have both a pre-set distraction firewall enabled as well as quick access to all of the programs, files, and websites I need for each project I plan to complete throughout my days. Having just those two features alone make this app worth the price of admission.

But it does get better.

You can establish keyboard shortcuts for opening various programs. Again, Window Blocker empowers you to keep your focus by furnishing you with a way to easily, quickly, and by reflex open up the applications required. So many times I have sat down to work and started opening up everything I would need and halfway through realize, that I was setting up for the wrong project. Or forget what things I need to complete a project or where I filed them.

If I could stop typing for three seconds to bring up a program with a simple keystroke, that’s liable to cut my impulsive distractions by fifty percent.

It has a few other useful bells and whistles, such as a punch clock to gauge how long you’ve been working, the ability to pre-set where you’d like a program window to pop open on your screen. A Write or Suffer setting which makes irritating noise when there is no activity on your keyboard for a specific amount of time. There are many clocks and timers. It also has some useful calendars.

Final Conclusion

When all is said and done, how well does Clever Gizmos Window Blocker measure up as a distraction blocker? Honestly, in my opinion, it is one of the most useful programs I have used. One click sets your focus timer and starts blocking all of the programs you specified in your block list. And with the file manager, all of my specific chores can be neatly organized and readily accessible.

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